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Florida Child Support

Considering divorce?

Use this Child Support Calculator to get an estimate of how much child support you might receive or pay per month.

In the state of Florida, a formula is used to calculate estimated Child Support payments but every situation is different. Several factors can be taken into consideration. Consult with a divorce attorney to discuss your options.

This calculator is only an estimate and does not constitute legal advice.

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Florida Divorce Lawyer
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What are the most important factors in calculating child support?

Can parents just agree on a child support amount?

How are finances investigated for determining child support payments?

How do overnights factor into calculating the child support payment amount?

What can be done about a “deadbeat dad” and recovering back payments?

Florida Divorce Lawyer
Robert Angstadt
discusses the Child Support “Numbers Game”

How can you be sure the numbers used to calculate child support are 100% correct and fair?

What should you do if you receive a letter from the Florida Department of Revenue?

Can child support be modified if circumstances change for me or my ex-spouse?

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